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Power represents one of the largest industries in the United States, with an end-user market well into the billions of dollars.

At the state and federal levels new regulatory initiatives are being adopted to encourage more competition within the power generation industry.

The State of Texas has deregulated its utility industry to allow for competition.

These new trends create substantial opportunity for producers of efficient, renewable, low-cost power.  These opportunities are enhanced by those who can provide consistent and reliable power.


Mesquite Fuels and Agriculture products have a positive impact on a wide range of markets including:

  • Land Development for ranchers, farmers and recreation users helping them to create a more diverse use of their land year round.

    Mesquite Fuels and agriculture’s Land Managing Resource Agent will work with the landowners and their management to improve the quality of their land and resources.
  • Industrial Power User –creation of both an economic and renewable alternative for power through lower cost steam and electricity.

  • Utilities Companies –By creating renewable energy power plants Mesquite Fuels and Agriculture can offer GREEN power throughout the energy distribution channels.