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Electricity Generation

  • Mesquite Fuels and Agriculture is using a proven technology to gasify the solid fuel (biomass) and utilize that gas to power steam boilers and electric turbines. 
  • The process can be adapted to units as small as 1 megawatt up to 40 megawatt depending on customer requirements and fuel supply.
  • Mesquite Fuels and Agriculture’s biomass cogeneration plants provide the technologies to utilize biomass energy and convert it to renewable electricity and steam.


Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy such as hot water or steam from a single fuel source.

Cogeneration provides facilities with greater efficiency, greater reliability and increased process flexibility than conventional generation methods. Examples of industries using cogeneration facilities include food processing, pulp/paper and chemical plants.

Cogeneration offers significant environmental benefits. By combining the production of steam, electricity and mechanical power—cogeneration facilities burn far less fuel and release fewer emissions, including greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.

Cogeneration Benefits

  • Predictable generation (no natural fluctuations)
  • Low technology risk
  • Revenues based on long-term pricing agreements
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Efficiency